Questions and Answers With Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans comes from a family that is synonymous with comedy. The actor/writer/director/"model producer" (we'll get to that later) first struck comedic gold when he teamed up with his siblings 13 years ago for "Scary Movie," which laid the groundwork for a lucrative series (#5 drops in April).

"A Haunted House," in theaters Jan. 11, once again gets its kicks from the horror/comedy combo. In the film, Wayans and Essence Atkins play a couple who discover some paranormal activity in their home, and what happens after they set up cameras around the house is ridonkulous.

We find out if Wayans has ever seen a ghost... and whose head he would like to poop on.

You and your family pretty much pioneered successful horror-comedy spoof films. Why do people love them so much?

I think when it's done right, it's a way to enjoy a horror without being scared to death.

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