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Production Underway for 'Hiccups' Season 2

Two days ago, production began in Vancouver for the second season of Hiccups. For the moment, CTV, a Canadian TV network, hasn't announced any premiere date for this Canadian TV series.

In Hiccups, Nancy Robertson (Wanda from Corner Gas) plays Millie Upton a popular children's author who just happens to have anger issues and several other emotional "hiccups." On a whim, Millie impulsively enlists the aid of a life coach Stan Dirko (Brent Butt). Unfortunately, Stan isn't a particularly good life coach. In fact, Millie is his first client ever. So, essentially we have a woman with no idea how to behave, being guided by someone who has no idea what he's doing. It's the lost leading the lost, with the best of intentions, high expectations, and very little success.

The regular members of the cast also includes Laura Soltis (The Guard) as Joyce, David Ingram (Smallville) as Taylor Rymes,

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