Reflections 2012: Top 5 supporting actors and actresses in 2012

We present to you our list of top 5 supporting actors and actresses of 2012. Our emphasis is on the word ‘supporting’, as in actor or actress that literally supported the main leads of the film, but was not one of them. These are the actors and actresses who are usually not promoted as part of the film, but often surprise us, either with their standout performances, or as perfect complements to the lead cast. Read on to find out who caught our attention.

Best Supporting Actor

5. Himesh ReshammiyaKhiladi 786

He has harboured dreams of being a leading man for quite some time now, but has sadly not been too successful, with Radio and Kajraare being two examples. With Khiladi 786, Himesh produced the film, created the music and also wrote the script. But he then gave away the lead role to Akshay Kumar, opting to play second fiddle. He was

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