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San Sebastián Int. Film Festival: Progress Report: Elena Trapé's 'Blog' & Peter Mullan's Neds Buzz Titles

The 58th edition of the San Sebastián Int. Film Festival got its start this past Saturday with a inaugural ceremony in which an absent Roman Polanski was awarded the 2010 Fipresci award from the international critics for The Ghost Writer. Olivia Williams, one of the actresses from the film, received the award on his behalf from the hands of the president of the international federation of cinema critics, Jan Lumholdt. The festival's opening film was Chicogrande from director Felipe Cazals, a veteran filmmaker who was already awarded at the festival for Los Motivos de Luz. The film, which has been well received, is a recreation of the Mexican revolution through the eyes of a man that saved the life of a wounded Pancho Villa in the year 1916. The film stars Damián Alcázar, Daniel Mártinez and Juan Manuel Bernal.Abel, Diego Luna's directing debut which was previously shown in Sundance and Cannes,

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