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The Mollycoddle – Douglas Fairbanks – d: Victor Fleming

The Mollycoddle (1920) Direction: Victor Fleming Screenplay: Douglas Fairbanks, Thomas J. Geraghty ("scenario editor"); from a short story by Harold McGrath Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Ruth Renick, Wallace Beery, Paul Burns, Morris Hughes, George Stewart Ruth Renick, Douglas Fairbanks, The Mollycoddle Though no masterpiece, The Mollycoddle is a surprisingly enjoyable romp starring Douglas Fairbanks as an effete, upper-class, European wannabe who discovers both his manhood and his red-white-and-blue Americanness — both qualities are inextricably linked — before the final fadeout. Fairbanks' leading lady is a minor actress named Ruth Renick, but one barely notices her. The director is Victor Fleming, best known for Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, but The Mollycoddle is truly all Fairbanks'.

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