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[Info] - Full Casting for "Martyrs" Director's "The Tall Man"

Here's the full casting forPascal Laugier ("Saint Ange", "Martyrs") 's "The Tall Man". Jodelle Ferland ("Silent Hill", "Case 39", "Eclipse"), Stephen McHattie ("Pontypool", "Watchmen", "The Fountain"), Samantha Ferris ("V", "Grace"), William B. Davis ("The Messengers", "The X-Files", "The Thaw", "Fear Itself") and Teach Grant ("Devour", "Vampire", "Fringe", "The Dead Zone", "Hard Ride To Hell") will all be joining Jessica Biel "The Tall Man" is a suspenseful thriller in the vein of the early films of M. Night Shyamalan, said an early statement. Biel plays a woman who must grapple with and track the mysterious figure of The Tall Man who has kidnapped her child....

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