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The 9 Hottest Men of Gangster Movies

I'm still seeing signs for Gangster Squad everywhere, and I'm sick of not indulging my fetish for gay listmaking. So, here's my way of getting a fix: These are the nine hottest hotties of gangster films, and I hope we can agree that a gangster film can either be a classic shoot-'em-up thriller of the 1930s-40s with mensches like Jimmy Cagney and Paul Muni or a stylized modern version that's more about dress-up than White Heat credibility. I've included both versions in this list. 

Here are your gangsters, ranked and dapper as hell. 

9. Ryan GoslingGangster Squad

Forgive me -- I am obligated to include the impossibly debonair Gosling since he makes every suit, glance, and cigarette puff a libidinous delight in Gangster Squad. How does he achieve such angles? I fear he has taken a sander to every pane on his face. I can't explain what he's achieved.

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