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Sundance 2013 Exclusive: More Terror on Tap from Blanc and Biehn

Horror's power couple, Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc, have just hit us off with some exclusive news coming out of the Sundance Film Festival. What latest terrors do this duo have waiting for us? Read on to find out.

On the heels of their Hidden in the Woods announcement, you can also expect the following...

Richard Gunn ("Dark Angel") is set to star in "Granite Flats," a new genre television series for the Byu network to premiere this spring. In the show Gunn (who also appears in BlancBiehn Productions' Treachery) will play the sheriff of a rural Colorado town in 1962. The period piece revolves around some mysterious and potentially alien objects falling from the sky into the town of Granite Flats.

In addition, Feifer Worldwide is producing Committed, which will be directed by Michael Feifer (Wyatt Earp's Revenge) and written by Jenna Mattison. Mattison teamed with Blanc years earlier

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