"Make Me Young" (Cinema Libre DVD)

By Lita Robinson - September 28, 2010

To what lengths would you go to recapture youth, or, at least, the appearance of youth? That is the question posed by Mitch McCabe’s film “Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain,” which was produced in collaboration with HBO and broadcast last fall. It’s now out on DVD from Cinema Libre Studios, and provides an insider’s view of the fascinating and perverse world of plastic surgery.

McCabe’s father was a prominent plastic surgeon who entered the profession after serving as a trauma surgeon in Vietnam. Though he developed a reputation as an expert in reconstructive surgery he also performed many cosmetic surgeries, some of which McCabe herself got to sit in on when she was as young as ten years-old. Her love for her late father, who died tragically in a car accident, and her lifelong fascination with his odd profession are what propel the film.

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