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New Seasoning House One-Sheet Premieres to Critical Acclaim

Kaleidoscope Film Distributors has released a new sales one-sheet for Paul Hyett's acclaimed new shocker The Seasoning House (review here), and we have a look at the goods for you right here. Check it out... if you can actually see it through all the text!


Written and directed by Paul Hyett (award-winning special makeup FX designer for The Woman in Black, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday, Attack the Block, Eden Lake, Centurion, and more) and starring Sean Pertwee (Equilibrium, Doomsday, Mutant Chronicles, Devil’s Playground,, Rosie Day (Black Books, Fallen Angel, Harley Street), Anna Walton (Hellboy II - The Golden Army, 5 Days of War, Mutant Chronicles, Crusoe), Kevin Howarth (Gallowwalker, The Magnificent Eleven, The Last Horror Movie), and Jemma Powell (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, The Symmetry of Love), The Seasoning House is produced by Michael Riley (Vampire Diary, Outlanders, Sugarhouse, Lava, In a Land of Plenty) of London-based Sterling Pictures.

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