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Tatyana Ali On Her ‘Second Generation Wayans’ Character: ‘She’ll Cut You’

Plus, what would it take for Tatyana to reunite with her ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ family?

As the only leading lady on Bet’s new hit comedy Second Generation Wayans, Tatyana Ali has to stand her ground against the boys — not that she, or her character Maya, have any problem doing that. “She totally holds her own with these guys, and she runs things,” Tatyana tells of her latest on-screen persona. “I like how quick-witted and sharp-tongued she is. She’ll cut you with a smile if you get in her way.”

In fact, the strength of her character was one of the reasons Tatyana knew she wanted to be a part of the show.

“Sometimes you read parts and you don’t connect to them, and then sometimes you connect right away,” Tatyana explains. “I felt like I knew her, and I knew what I could do

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