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2010 Arizona Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

The Arizona Underground Film Festival wrapped up its 3rd and biggest year ever back on Sept. 25. Over a wild eight days, the fest screened 30 feature films and 50 short films from all over the world, some of them making their world premiere or their U.S. debut. Out of those films, Auff handed out a dozen awards.

Auff gave out awards to both shorts and features in the categories of Best Narrative, Best Horror, Best Documentary. Plus, they gave out awards such as Best Exploitation, Best Experimental, Audience Award, Director’s Choice and more.

Best Experimental went to a film directed nearly 30 years ago that’s just being seen now. That film is Window on Your Present by Cinqué Lee, brother of Spike Lee.

Other big winners are Corey Adams and Alex Craig’s skateboard fantasy Machotaildrop for Best Narrative Feature; Aurelio Voltaire‘s short film Demiurge Emesis for Best Animation

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