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Jim's Notebook: Open to New Girl, House of Cards and More!

With January behind us, I shook out my notebook and found Jake Johnson’s hints that people wanted a Jess/Nick coupling New Girl... Netflix’s new all-episodes-now approach to House of Cards... some tweaking for Body of Proof... and good news for Cinemax’s action drama, Banshee.

Let’s get started.

New Girl Those collective gasps you heard around the world on Tuesday night? Just the long-awaited smooch between Jess and Nick. While Johnson hinted to me that this was coming in our one-on-one chat, he was reminded just how much fans really want Nick and Jess together when he was in Hawaii this past holiday season.

“A pickup truck with four Hawaiian dudes in the back drive by and I literally, I get scared,” he told me. “I think their vibe seems cool but it’s a little bit potentially tough. One of them sings in weird English ‘La,

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