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Pyjama Party: John Hughes Edition | Glasgow Youth Film Festival | Vive Le Punk | Middle East Film Festival

Pyjama Party: John Hughes Edition, London

Ever since the discovery of the teenager, film-makers have struggled to come up with the perfect movie for them, but John Hughes cracked the formula. Mixing smart comedy, hip music and empathetic observation of teen social rituals, his movies are equally at home in the arthouse cinema or the home slumber party, but that's a choice you don't have to make here. Turn up in your PJs or in Hughes-movie fancy dress and veg out to 80s classics such as Pretty In Pink, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club.

Prince Charles Cinema, WC2, Sat

Glasgow Youth Film Festival

Officially it's a precursor to the Glasgow Film Festival, but there's plenty to justify this as a festival in its own right, and not just for the kids.

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