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Mourning the loss of DVD booklets

Feature Ryan Lambie Feb 7, 2013

As well as providing extra information about a film's production, DVD booklets were a great extra for film fans, Ryan argues...

In early January, several pieces of news appeared to signal the beginning of the end for physical media. First, there was the announcement that more than £1bn had been spent on digital goods - movies, games, books - in 2012. At the same time, the sales of physical stuff, whether on disc or printed on bits of paper, had plummeted by an estimated 17.6 per cent.

These statistics coincided with the news that two of the UK's major entertainment outlets - HMV and Blockbuster - were going into administration, putting thousands of jobs at risk and leaving gaping holes in highs streets up and down the country. When it comes to the consumption of entertainment, it seems, we're voting with our wallets - gradually, more and more

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