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Outlook Takes On Gmail In New "Scroogled" Attack Ad

Microsoft wants to keep you from getting "scroogled."

Determined to wrestle the title of top email provider from Gmail, Microsoft is directly attacking Google in new commercials for its Outlook service. In the ads, Microsoft warns that Gmail reads through emails to create targeted ads -- which Microsoft declares an invasion of privacy -- and cautions people to avoid being "scroogled" by Gmail and switch to Microsoft Outlook.

Google has been going through everyone's emails for a long time.

On the company's "Scroogled" website, Microsoft describes how Google's Gmail service scans through users' sent and received email messages to display targeted ads.

It's not as if Outlook isn't also looking into your mailbox -- Microsoft just doesn't use the information in it to sell ads. Outlook still "scans the contents of your email to help protect you and display, categorize, and sort your mail appropriately," the company says on its "Scroogled" site.

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