War of the Dead (2012)

Directed by: Marko Makilaakso

Written by: Marko Makilaakso

Starring: Mikko Leppilampi, Andrew Tiernan, Samuel Vauramo, Jouko Ahola, Antti Reini, Magdalena Gorska

The zombie movie apocalypse continues with War of the Dead, an action film/zombie hybrid with some surprisingly strong cinematography, solid performances and several other positive aspects the target audience will not especially care about.

During WWII, along the Russian border, Nazi scientists hide away in a secret bunker and perform “anti-death” experiments on captured Russian soldiers. When the test subjects turn into crazed, flesh-eating zombies with superhuman strength, the experiments are abandoned and the “evidence” is buried in a mass grave. Two years later an American and Finnish task force led by Captain Stone (Andrew Tiernan) is recruited to find and destroy the Nazi bunker. They face off with German soldiers and several men on both sides are killed or severely wounded.

The remaining members of the task force continue on their mission,

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