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Doctor Who Review – “The Wrong Doctors”

[rating 4.5]

Here we have the case of Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford). She’s an odd companion. She joined up with the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) at…some point. We don’t know when. She was introduced during “Trial of a Time Lord”, where she turned up as someone from the Doctor’s future. Had Baker’s time on the show continued, we would have seen her proper introduction, but instead Baker was removed, and replaced by Sylvester McCoy. Mel continued on with him, but she never got a proper origin story…well, at least not on TV. She got one in a novel, and now she gets another one in this latest audio from Big Finish which, interestingly, doesn’t contradict the novel.

The story features the Doctor, immediately after his trial, dropping Mel off in her hometown of Pease Pottage. This is so that he can, later on, come meet her properly.