Kate Middleton Reveals Her Growing Baby Bump

Our royal curiosities were rewarded on Feb. 19, when Kate made her first public appearance in months at an addiction treatment center, because we got a great glance at her sizable baby bump!

Kate Middleton is about four and half months through her pregnancy, and it’s finally starting to show! As her belly grows, so does our royal baby fever, which is why we were thrilled to get a look at her as she visited an addiction center in southwest London, and debuted her baby bump, as promised, on Feb. 19.

Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Bump

There were plenty photos taken of Kate during her first public appearance since before Christmas, but one was especially revealing. As you can see, the bump is really starting to take shape! Sitting in a chair in a stately tweed dress, Kate’s bump was fully formed and visible.

Kate’s visit to the

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