The Pajiba Axis of Evil -- The Six Most Detestable People in Hollywood

Over the years here at Pajiba, we've collected a few boogeymen and women, our easy targets, those Hollywood villains with which many identify us if only because it is these people who best bring out the site's tagline. So, for convenience sake, and for those new to the site, I wanted to compile Pajiba's very own Axis of Evil. I also wanted to be very selective about it, limiting the Axis to only six people, or one for each year of our existence. There are others with whom we have bones of contention, and have railed against from time to time, but it is these six people who best represent what we stand against. To put them in the Evil Hall of Fame, however, doesn't mean we're retiring our hatred. It's just a way to memorialize our enmity.

Katherine Heigl (Also known as Rainbow Killer, formerly Skank Cancer): We'll

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