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Oscars 2013: the 'torture' behind red-carpet glamour

Starvation diets, liposuction, armpit Botox and anti-anxiety medication are all part of awards-ceremony preparation for many stars, whose beauty routines now go far beyond spray tans and manicures

The Oscars red carpet is often referred to by the celebrity press as the most powerful catwalk in the world. It is the gilded stage for which haute couture dresses are made; bright lights fall on film stars dressed by the world's most accomplished designers in some of the most expensive items of clothing ever made.

But for many of the nominees, what goes on in the run-up to Oscar Sunday involves weeks of hunger, sacrifice and last-minute liposuction. "It is brutal," British facialist Nichola Joss told the New York Times this week, of the pressure of the high-definition closeup on Hollywood actors. "You can see a hair follicle. You can see a pimple before it is a pimple."

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