WWE Signs Kendra Smith – A New Diva With Mma Background

Sick of the same old same old in the WWE’s crappy women’s division? Longing for the days when Tna’s Knockout Division was still credible and exciting? Well prepare yourselves for what could be a huge change in the landscape. According to the site Diva-Dirt, WWE has signed multi talented female athlete Kendra Smith to a deal and she is already busy training in the company’s developmental territory in Florida. The news has also now been confirmed on Smith’s own website where she has been uploading videos of her training.

At first glance Kendra Smith has the typical Diva look WWE goes for. She is slim, has good muscle tone without being manly and is very good looking. However if you look beyond the surface appeal of Ms Smith you’ll see a hard working young woman who is not only an aspiring wrestler but also has a history in Kickboxing,