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Meme: The Crowdsourced Edition

Ed Kennedy is wrapping up the Glbt Journalism Conference, but he'll be back to give you a Meme on Tuesday (and I'm sure will have some interesting stories to tell). But we know how you love Ed's brilliantly curated daily compilation of internet odds and ends, so we're asking for help crowdsourcing today's edition of the Meme! Got a link, video, hot news item, etc. you think other readers would enjoy? As long as it's P.G. rated, please share in the comments!

I do have a few items to get the ball rolling...

Today is Hollywood's big day, and I invite you to join me as I tweet the Oscar festivities on the Ae Twitter Account (and my personal account if Bad Snicks comes out). Please join us! (Just use @AfterElton and #Oscars).

Speaking of, here's a pretty desperate ad from ABC. So Guys will finally enjoy an Oscars?

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