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TV reboots: which shows are ripe for an update?

Remake, remodel, revive - which TV shows would you most like to see given a reboot?

Consider yourself lucky. The recent rumours that Kiefer Sutherland, Josh Holloway and Jennifer Love Hewitt were to star in a reboot of Dallas have finally been denied. And a good thing too: because everything you loved about those actors in 24, Lost and Ghost Whisperer would surely have been jettisoned in favour of big hats and inexplicable storylines. Even by the standards of 24, Lost and Ghost Whisperer.

But that doesn't mean that the television reboot industry isn't big business. On the contrary. Last year we were treated to a reboot of 1980s alien-based miniseries V starring Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost. This year saw the stateside debut of a Hawaii Five-o remake starring Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and this summer it was reported that a retooled version of The Rockford Files was also close to

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