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Student-Run Social Business Incubator Compass Partners Is a Quick Study

Angela Morabito toyed with a few business ideas--a brand of spaghetti sauce, a dating service--until she struck upon the right one. It's called Headlines, a clothing line of "Smartwear for Smart Women" which launched this week. Whether or not the business succeeds, 19-year-old Morabito will have proven the success of a new student-run incubator for social entrepreneurs called Compass Partners.

Arthur Woods and Neil Shah, graduates of the Georgetown University class of 2010, got the idea for Compass Partners while undergrads. In 2007, each of them tried to launch ventures as students (for Shah, a fair trade tea company; for Woods, a farmers' market delivery service). Both failed. "We faced a lot of resistance," Woods tells Fast Company. "There just weren't enough resources for entrepreneurs."

Not ones to accept the failure of a good idea, Woods and Shah launched Compass Partners two years ago, and created a pilot fellowship the following year at Georgetown.

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