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Raymond Cusick obituary

Television production designer who gave Doctor Who's Daleks their distinctive appearance

The iconic shape of the Daleks – the most enduring villains from the BBC's long-running television science-fiction series Doctor Who – came from the imagination of the designer Raymond Cusick, who has died aged 84. The famous domed silhouette, with three protuberances – eyestalk, sucker arm and gun – and distinctive spherical skirt decorations, has retained its shape even into the current incarnation of the show.

Cusick's involvement with the second Doctor Who adventure, The Daleks, in 1963, came by chance. The original designer was due to be Ridley Scott, but his schedule ended up clashing with the proposed filming dates. Cusick took the job instead, which required him to come up with such creations as a petrified jungle, a gleaming alien city and some robotic-looking creatures. The Dalek was revealed to be not a machine but a protective shell in which a mutant

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