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Blu-Ray Review: Maniac

I was too young to catch the theatrical release of Bill Lustig's brutal low-budget slasher film Maniac in 1980, but I did see the film on VHS in the mid-80s. Watching Blue Underground's all-region 30th Anniversary Maniac Blu-Ray, which hits the streets on October 26th, brought back some ugly memories with high-definition clarity. Unlike many video upgrades that rehash readily available films without adding significant value, Blue Underground's Maniac -- over 7 hours of extras are included -- is a model for how to handle a catalog Blu-Ray release.

Frank Zito (Joe Spinell) is a sweaty psycho who was abused by his mother. When he sees a woman, he sees a mother. In response, he trolls the streets, beaches, and subways in search of murder victims. After the killings, he retreats to his dingy New York City bachelor pad, which is filled with cheap art, mannequins, and body parts.

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