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‘Le météore’ digs deep with internal monologues

Le météore (English title: The Meteor)

Written by François Delisle

Directed by François Delisle

Canada, 2013

Narration is one of the great issues of contention amongst movie goers, movie buffs and especially film critics. When is it utilized in the right manner to convey ideas and plot points not visualized on screen and when it is redundant and uninspired? Far more people than one might imagine fall into the category of those who would wish narration away if they could. It therefore begs the question of what those same people would think of a film which was entirely dependent on narration, not just because it revealed crucial plot points or was a significant presence among other methods of communicating information, but because all of the film’s dialogue, without exception, was transmitted to the audience via off screen narration.

In François Delisle’s latest project, Le météore, there is not a

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