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Morning Brew - Thurs. Feb. 28: Naya Rivera honors Ryan Murphy, JWoww poses for NOH8

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Good morning!

Patricia Cornwall went on Katie yesterday with her partner to discuss how she was cheated out of millions by her financial management company. I learned a lot about Pat's "lavish lifestyle" as they kept saying.

Margaret Cho says lesbians are into Van Halen, Pearl Jam and a few other "macho bands" I can get down with, but I do not agree with Kid Rock or Creed. We have Some standards.

Carrie Brownstein watches The Bachelor, which is apparently a favorite show among many a queer woman I know. Maybe I need to start getting in on that Bachelor bracket my friends have.

If you feel like doling out some advice today, maybe check out this thread on where a mom is concerned her daughter is a lesbian based on some gay-themed graphic novels she hides under her bed.

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