Kmfdm: 'Kunst' – CD Review [Nsfw]

Industrial legends Kmfdm have been dealing in their own brand of “ultra-heavy beat” for nearly three decades, across nearly twenty albums, and their 2011 release Wtf?! (check out our review here) proved that their axes are still plenty sharp, and that their post-millennial lineup – founder & frontman Sascha “Kapt'n K” Konietzko, vocalist Lucia Cifarelli, guitarists Jules Hogdson & Steve White and drummer Andy Selway – remains their most durable and powerful incarnation in my book. After the misstep of Blitz, which felt like a half-hearted attempt to recapture the band's late-'80s club vibe, the team wisely returned to the workshop to craft another metal monolith, and that form is still firm for their latest full-length studio album... in fact, it's actually moved into an even darker range, with a rebellious fervor matching that of angst-ridden works like Wwiii. All the band's lyrical signatures are still in play in Kunst, including their well-known political

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