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Eureka / Smallville: Chief Tyrol And Delores Herbig Guest Star

Battlestar Galactica alum Aaron Douglas (One Angry Juror, Hellcats), who played Chief Tyrol (pictured above left), will do a guest spot on SyFy’s hit series Eureka. No details on his role as of yet, but Douglas is in discussions with a producer for Eureka. The show returns early next year.

Another exciting bit of casting news is that Christine Willes (Red Riding Hood, Reaper) who most memorably played Delores “Her Big Brown Eyes” Herbig in Bryan Fuller’s Dead Like Me (as pictured above right), will be guest starring on the CW’s Smallville as Granny Goodness. Look for Willes in the eighth episode, entitled “Abandoned”, of this tenth and final season of the show.

“Abandoned” will also be the episode that Lindsay Hartley (yes, Justin Hartley’s real life wife) guest stars as Harriett, one of Granny Goodness’ minions. Presumably, Harriet would be Mad Harriet, one of the Female Furies,

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