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‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ turns noir conventions on its head

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Directed by Shane Black

Written by Brett Halliday (novel Bodies Are Where You Find Them), Shane Black (screenplay)

Us, 2005

In his directorial debut, Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang begins, as with many noirs, with a crime. This crime, a robbery of a children’s toy store, however, lands the protagonist and eventual reluctant hero Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.), two bit thief, in the middle of Los Angeles surrounded by all of the Hollywood usual suspects– media moguls, cynical outside consultants, and, of course, the shattered dream starlets. An awkward, yet fortuitous, case of mistaken identity wins Harry an acting audition. There, he meets private investigator Gay Perry (actually gay) played by Val Kilmer as well as Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan) as the epitome of the girl who got away. While “preparing” for his role, Harry follows Gay Perry on his investigations. Guided

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