Kate Middleton Reveals Her Baby Is Kicking ‘Very Much’

The royal baby is already making moves inside the womb! The pregnant duchess revealed during a visit to the National Fishing Heritage Centre that her little boy or girl is moving around a lot — even though her baby bump is barely there!

Kate Middleton is in her fifth month of pregnancy, but she’s still barely showing a bump — especially behind her winter coat! The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the National Fishing Heritage Centre for an appearance on March 5, and revealed that she can feel the royal baby moving around a lot!

At the event, Kate talked to an admirer Bobbie Brown, 42,

“I asked her if [the baby] has been moving or kicking,” Bobbie says, according to Us Weekly. “She said: ‘Yes, it is. Very much so.’”

Paula Rampling, who also came out to see royal mom-to-be, gave Kate two unisex baby outfits, and said Kate told her, “that’s so cute.

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