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Pepé Le Pew Attracts Mike Myers

With Will Ferrell warning that Hollywood could soon wear out the superhero genre, it looks as though tinseltown has turned to another animated ensemble for source material.

Vulture is reporting that another Loony Tune is being prepped for the big screen and that this one is to be voiced by one Mike Myers. Myers has reportedly – or so it is being claimed extensively – joked that “by the end of the day, I was Pepé Le Pew”, in reference to his tenure as Fat Bastard. The actor will follow in the footsteps of Mel Blanc and Maurice Lamarche as the voice of Le Pew.

The film, which is being set up at Warner Brothers, will star the smitten skunk using a combination of live action and CGI. With similar projects in development for fellow Loony Tunes Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny, we can only hope Warners can perfect their method

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