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Schindler's List 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Clips and Featurettes

Schindler's List 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Clips and Featurettes

Universal Studios is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of director Steven Spielberg's timeless classic Schindler's List with a Limited Edition Blu-ray set arriving March 5. The studio has unveiled three clips and seven featurettes that take us deeper inside this amazing story. The clips showcase the full restoration this film underwent for this new set, and the featurettes take us behind-the-scenes to explore the true story behind this film, and the impact it made. Check out this wealth of video footage before picking up this new Blu-ray for yourself.

Schindler's List - Where's the Scam

Schindler's List - Miscalibrating the Machines

Schindler's List - The List Is Life

Schindler's List - USC Shoah Foundation IWitness Challenge Announcement with Steven Spielberg

Schindler's List - Outsmarting the SS Officers Featurette

Schindler's List - Attitudes Matter

Schindler's List - About I Witness

Schindler's List - The Factory Featurette

Schindler's List - The Children Featurette

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