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Horrible Imaginings film festival in San Diego

Miguel Rodriguez talks about his Horrible Imaginings, Horrible Imaginings film festival that is.

I have been following Monster Island Resort podcast from the beginning. It is hosted by self-proclaimed, horror enthusiast Miguel Rodriguez. The podcast itself is great, well done and very smart. It is all across the board as far as horror goes, but don't worry, he is a zombie fan though and though. Miguel Rodriguez seems to not be complacent with just being a podcaster though, he has decided to host his very own movie festival called Horrible Imaginings. I have to say that I am impressed, so I talked to Miguel Rodriguez about his new endeavor and this is what he had to say,

Haz: Tell us a little about yourself, what was your drive to start the Horrible Imaginings film festival in San Diego? I'm sure you must be excited.

Mr: My name is Miguel Rodriguez,

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