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Miley Cyrus Parties Hard in "Twisted" Music Video, Returns to Twitter After Shortest Break Ever

Miley Cyrus Parties Hard in

Miley Cyrus, actress, singer and girl? Apparently, as two music videos featuring cameos by the former Hannah Montana star surface online today:  The first (above) is for Tiffany Fox's "Twisted" featuring Lil' Kim and her not-new face. Miley doesn't sing, but she does get name-checked in the song and spends most of the video in the background sticking out her tongue and waving her arms over her head like that girl at the party who pretends to be drunker than she is. The second (below) is for Kaptn's "Juice" and finds Miley at another party (apparently in the same night, as she's wearing the same outfit and sunglasses) in a chugging contest. Since...

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