The HeyUGuys Interview: Mark Strong talks Welcome to the Punch

Having interviewed Mark Strong no less than two months ago for the Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty, the talented actor is back in London promoting his latest flick, in the crime thriller Welcome to the Punch, where he plays the lead villain Jacob Sternwood – and we were fortunate to speak him once again.

Upon walking into the room – replacing the departing Eran Creevy, Strong says “now you know why I did the film”, as the enthusiasm shown by the gifted young filmmaker is there for all to see. Strong then proceeds to discuss his delight at working with Creevy, the pros and cons of working from home in London, his upcoming project Before I Go to Sleep with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth, and why he always seems to be cast as the bad guy.

You can see all our coverage of Welcome to the Punch which is out this Friday 15th March here.

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