Langford on Soaps: Brendan Assaults Ste - Again - On Hollyoaks

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Shortland Street (New Zealand)

This is proof that I can’t be everywhere. I had no idea that New Zealand nighttime soap Shortland Street had a gay couple on the show. I’m not sure on all the details of the storyline, but it seems that Seth came on as part of a hostile hopital takeover. There’s been lots of drama and political maneuvering because of it. Seth's business competitor Sarah knows that he’s gay, and it looks like she's about to out him.

The biggest question I have is: what year is this? I mean, it’s 2013. It’s seems so dated to have Seth staying in the closet and hiding his boyfriend to protect his career. I realize that this does still happen, but Seth is not a professional athlete, a big film star, a politician or anything high-profile like that, so

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