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Sue Miles obituary

Doyenne of counter-culture and the restaurant revolution

Sue Miles, one of the central figures of the London counter-culture of the 1960s and a leading influence on the British "restaurant revolution", has died aged 66. She knew everyone, from the Beatles down, and was involved in such seminal events as the Albert Hall poetry reading of 1965 and the obscenity trial of Oz magazine of 1971, before going on to become a leading figure in the restaurant scene of the 1980s.

Susan Crane was born in Brighton and brought up in Los Angeles, where her journalist father, Lionel Crane, was a Hollywood correspondent for British tabloid newspapers. She attended Beverly Hills high school, where among her gilded classmates were Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Crane (daughter of Lana Turner, who later stabbed her mother's abusive lover to death). The liberal arts college Dalton followed, and in 1961, accompanied by her Yorkshire terrier, a gift from Elizabeth Taylor,

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