This "Coalition" Should Think About Disbanding

Hell hath no fury like women scorned who band together to get revenge on men who used them, forming the titular Coalition. From first-time feature director Monica Mingo, working with a modest budget of $1m, comes a tired plotline infused with one part The First Wives Club and one part Just Wright. Set in the high-income socialite bracket, with sweeping commentary on the misogynistic tendencies of professional athletes, The Coalition is just plain flat.

Prime Alexander (Eddie Goines) is a basketball hotshot still riding with his so-called 1800 Crew. Boozing and carousing, they use and discard women like mixers with bottle service. When Alexander humiliates flame-of-the-week Autumn (Ingrid Clay), she rallies the girls to seek revenge on the men who live without regarding karma and consequences.


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