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Grimmupnorth 2010 lineup announced!

Grimmupnorth 2010 is coming to Manchester for a second time this Halloween! Readers may remember last year’s coverage from the first Grimmfest last October ‘09. Well, we’re going back for more this year too. Festival director Simeon Halligan and his crew have spent all year finding some amazing new titles to screen at Manchester’s biggest horror film festival, including Evil: In The Time Of Heroes, which I missed at Eiff so am well up for seeing. There’s also the inventively named Canadian shocker, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, the Japanese genre mash-up Alien Vs Ninja, Thai thriller Slice, Zombie mock-u-mentary Reel Zombies and a horror doc featuring all kinds of industry insiders, The Splat Pack. There’s also a ton of activities and seminars for festival goers to participate in too. Personally I’m looking forward to the special screening for my favourite Argento film, Deep Red.

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