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Law & Order: Los Angeles 1.03 “Harbor City” Review

When a pro surfer comes home to care for his mother and ends up dead, it’s not only a botched robbery, but possibly an inside job. That convoluted sentence is the premise of tonight’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles, at least according to the synopsis. If you’re confused, I can’t blame you.

If there’s one good thing, we do get the original Steve Zirnkilton opening narration back, but still no titles, and we’re saddled with another pop-song intro before we visit a medical marijuana dispensery in Harbor City…and Rex and Tj find the dead surfer, Trevor Knight, in the back room. Oh, now I understand the robbery angle. A little research and our cops think they have a multiple-robbery crew on their hands.

“All the dispenseries are being serviced by one [security] company,” Rex notes, and one of the dispatchers at said company

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