Super-8 Politically Incorrect Movie Madness Coming April 2nd to St. Louis

April 2nd at The Way Out Club will be a night of racism, sexism, homophobia, and perversion! It’s Super-8 Politically Incorrect Movie Madness where we’ll be showing a dozen films on Super-8 Sound Film (most in condensed format) guaranteed to offend the sensibilities of everyone in attendance. Prepare to be outraged!

We’re not out to insult or anger anyone with Super-8 Politically Incorrect Movie Madness but to show the ways Hollywood has presented a host of now-taboo topics over the past 80 years. We have two of the infamous censored Looney Tunes cartoons long-banned from broadcast due to their racial stereotyping: Jungle Jitters (1938) and All This And Rabbit Stew (1941) featuring Bugs Bunny hunted by a slow-witted Black hunter who sounds and looks like Stepin Fetchit. We’re showing two of the bizarre pre-code Baby Burlesque shorts: in Kid N’ Africa (1933) Shirley Temple is terrorized by cannibals played by

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