Screen Australia invests over $2.3m in 10 documentaries

Screen Australia will invest more than $2.3 million in 10 documentary projects, which it says will trigger more than $8 million in production.

Screen Australia.s documentary manager Liz Stevens said: .It.s very encouraging to see so many projects with solid international deals in this round. Australian producers are creating good opportunities in the international marketplace with strong stories, know-how and support from domestic broadcasters and Screen Australia . it.s a great collaboration. In the domestic arena the National Documentary Program continues to fund significant Australian stories that will resonate with Australian audiences..

National Documentary Program

Afghanistan: The Australian War 3 x 55 mins Essential Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd Producer Alan Erson Writer/Director Victoria Midwinter-Pitt Sales Agent ABC Commercial Broadcaster ABC TV Synopsis The complete story of Australia.s longest and most expensive modern war told by the generation of Australians who fought it, those who ordered it, our allies and enemies.

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