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Candyman Retrospective Podcast Series. Part 3 – Day of the Dead

Let’s get this out of the way in as polite a fashion as we might be able to muster for Candyman 3 aka Day of the Dead, our feeling toward the third installment in the series and how it fits into the whole mess. Candyman: Day of the Dead is trash. That’s all you need to know. Once we all agree on the distinct lack of merit that accompanies this movie, we can all start the healing process by soundly trouncing it into a critical frenzy of bad jokes, horrible puns and troll filled commentary. In a series that started off roses, Jeff Konopka and Jimmy Terror discuss the veritable garden of weeds that has grown from Clive Barker’s once fertile seed. Basterdized, despised, exploited, Candyman 3 doesn’t deserve its own podcast, but it gets one none the less. I suppose it’s your duty to find out why by listening,

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