Cinema Lounge Roundtable: An Interview With the Filmmakers


Cinema Lounge Roundtable: An Interview with the Filmmakers - October 2010 

In many ways a short film can be a greater challenge than a feature simply due to the fact that, in a short, every moment counts.  Each month we are committed to bringing you collection of diverse, impactful, and entertaining shorts and this month's line up is no different.  This month's stories from an old man's daily pilgrimage, a middle-aged man's foray into the "viral video" craze, and the discovery of what happens after love, to a modern re-telling of Jean Paul Sartre's short story, an encounter with an important stranger, and charismatic drag queen's unfortunate one-night stand. This month filmmakers Jonathan Ade, J.J. Adler, Kent Hayward, Ben Garchar, Brandon Auman, Pierre Ferriere, and Lena Waithe discuss their films and the process of getting them made. 

   By Folayo Lasaki

 Image from Meditations: Man in Water


Introductions first...names and projects,

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