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Fight The Good Fight in This Preview of Cult Episode 1.06; Synopses for Episodes 1.07-1.09

We're a bit disappointed in "Cult" so far, but since we've been a fan of Robert Knepper since his "Carnivale" days, we're holding out hope that things will improve so we can keep seeing him on a weekly basis.

If you concur, here's everything you need to know about what's coming up on the show over the next four weeks:

"Cult" Episode 1.06 - "The Good Fight" (airs 3/29/13, 9-10 pm)

Obba Babatunde (“Dawson’S Creek,” “The Young And The Restless) Guest Stars In The Episode — Skye (Jessica Lucas) collapses the morning after the “Cult” fan party, suffering a serious reaction to the drug she was slipped. The doctors urge Jeff (Matt Davis) to locate a sample of the drug so they can find a way to reverse its effects in order to save Skye’s life.

Detective Sakelik (guest star Aisha HindsWeeds”) arrives at the hospital but refuses to help.

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