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Will French Death Metal bring us Pop Redemption?

The trial and tribulations of a thirty something heavy metal rock band in crisis, might not sound like fertile ground for a comedy, but then you could have said that about Rob Reiner’s masterpiece ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and look were that ended up. According to French movie site Allocine Martin Le Gall’s Death Metal comedy Pop Redemption is set for release this coming June (high time they release a trailer then!) and stars Grégory Gadebois, Jonathan Cohen, Julien Doré, Yacine Belhousse. Synopsis: Each summer since their adolescence, The Dead MaKabés head out on what they pretentiously call a "summer tour" - a few bottom end concerts in festivals in the depths of Europe. But for these four friends, the crisis of the thirties and weeks of smouldering resentment this may well be the last. It’s difficult to remain faithful to your ideals when you are a

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