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TV Recap: 'Cult' Episode 106 - 'The Good Fight'

TV Recap: 'Cult' Episode 106 - 'The Good Fight'

Cult Episode 106

“The Good Fight”

Written By: Megan Lynn & Wade Solomon

Directed By: Martha Coolidge

Original Airdate: 29 March 2013

In This Episode...

The day after the party, Skye is having hallucinations. This quickly leads to her collapsing in the middle of Jeff’s apartment. At the hospital, Skye is unconscious, but the doctor says her brain activity is off the charts. He doesn’t know what is wrong with her, and won’t if Jeff can’t get a sample of the drug she took. The doctor is worried that if he can’t get the drug, Skye may face permanent brain damage.

Jeff tries to get some more drug from Lexi, but she is of no help. She also doesn’t have Dustin’s contact info. Jeff has one last resort: Detective Sakelik. He enlists in Ej’s help to get Sakelik’s address, but Burt intercedes. He doesn’t

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